Next-Generation Engine and Energy Laboratory (NEEL)

차세대 엔진 및 에너지 연구실

Notice : Master, PH.D Researcher Recruitment!

우리 연구실에서는 차세대 엔진시스템의 해석 및 개발에 관한 연구에 흥미를 가진 대학원생(박사/석사) 및 학부연구생을 모집하고 있습니다.

We are recruiting graduate(PhD/MsC) and undergraduate students having interests to the researches about the analysis and development of next-generation engine systems.



본 연구실은, 기존 및 대체에너지를 이용하는 다양한 엔진시스템(자동차, 선박, 건설기계, 발전기 등)의 고속마이크로유동 및 연소현상을 해석하고 최적화시키는 연구를 진행하고 있습니다.

현재 미국 및 일본의 국립연구소와 협력하여 마이크로유동 및 연소현상을 계측하고 모델링하는 선진기법들을 개발 중이며, 국내외 자동차메이커(현대자동차, MAZDA, ISUZU)와의 협력 및 실험을 통한 해석 결과를 차세대 고효율/클린 엔진시스템 개발에 활용하고 있습니다.

또한, 하이브리드 및 대체연료엔진용 신형인젝터개발, 배기정화촉매용 요소(Urea)분사, 에멀젼(Emulsion)연료분사, 수(Water)분사 등 차세대 연료분사시스템 관한 개발연구도 진행 중에 있습니다.

Advanced Analysis of Physics in Engines

We develop cutting-edge X-ray measurement techniques for the analysis of microscale flows of high-pressure fuel injectors which speed reaches up to 700 m/s. This research is performed with the collaboration of synchrotron radiation facilities in Argonne National Laboratory (US) and SPring-8 (Japan) under the support of automotive companies such as HYUNDAI, MAZDA, ISUZU and DENSO.

Development of Virtual Engine Models

We develop theoretical and analytical models of engine spray and combustion process which can be accommodated into the 1D or 3D virtual engine development tools for the ultimate optimization of next-generation engines. This work is performed with the collaboration of AIST in Japan.

Combustion Strategies for 50% Efficiency

We develop new spray and combustion strategies for the thermal efficiency improvement of conventional and hybrid engines over 50 % by the proper heat management in engines and by applying heat recovery strategies.

Future Fuels for Automotive Engines

We perform the advanced spray and combustion analysis of future fuels for automotive engines such as biofuels, naphtha, dimethyl-ether (DME), natural gas, hydrogen and so on. We also endeavor to develop new spray and combustion models for future fuels to accelerate the introduction of future clean fuels to the automotive industry.